A book about Daniil Kvyat' junior career is available on our website

We have a present for the fans of the Russian driver: during the next several weeks, chapters of the book by Oleg Karpov about the career of the Russian driver in junior series will be available for reading online.
Since the presentation of the book till the current time, this book was only available for the guests of the Sochi Autodrom in the official merchandise and online shops of the circuit.

While the next circulation is currently in print and will be available for sale soon, we wanted to present a chance to enjoy the book to Daniil's fans on our website. With his permission, we'll make available for reading online not only the chapters which were published on various websites before but the new ones as well.

You can already enjoy «The prologue», while the new articles could only be unlocked with your input! All you need to do is to show your interest in reading the new chapters of the book with activity in social media. The more likes and shares already published chapters will get, the more new chapters will become available.

The hard copy of the book will be available on the website soon, so stay tuned!


Original author's orthography is preserved.