Daniil on Italian Grand Prix

"All in all, we could be happy with the job done."
Daniil crossed the finish line of the Italian Grand Prix in 12th position, being ahead of his Toro Rosso teammate in both qualifying and the race. Russian driver reviews the race weekend for the readers of his official website.
— Formula 1 drivers often say that when you manage to get the maximum out of your car, it feels almost as great as winning the race. Is that what you feel after Monza?
— Yes, to a certain degree. We've done a great job in Monza, extracting the maximum in both of the most important sessions: the qualifying, and the race. The track layout doesn't suit our car much, so 12th at the finish line was the best we could get in the end, given there were almost no retirements in front. So, all in all, we could be happy with the job done. Despite those problems, we had on Friday when the car balance was not ideal, and I did not like its behavior, we turned the situation around, and I was very happy with the car on Sunday. That is a positive sign.
— You and your team mate were among the fastest drivers on the straights. Was this something the team planned?
— We did not know what others were planning, given the fact the qualifying was wet. It appeared some teams decided to adjust their settings to achieve more on Saturday on the wet track. Anyway, some teams with engines from other manufacturers could afford themselves to have more downforce and still be fast on the straights. We did not have that luxury and had to go for top speed.
How difficult was it to fight with others on track because of that?
— We were quite fast on the straights, but losing time compared to them on braking and when exiting the corners, especially Ascari and Parabolica. The car was nervous, so we could not get to our rivals close enough to overtake them before next corner. Thanks to our top speed we were able to catch up with them, but it was never enough for overtaking.
— The next race is in Singapore. This track should suit you more, right?
— Yes, on paper it looks like that. Singapore should suit our car better than Monza, but other teams achieved decent progress recently. McLaren and Renault are now much faster, so I think it will be a close battle. I would not say that the track in Singapore is ideal for us, but we should be able to be closer to top-10.
— Given the fact that it's hard to overtake in Singapore, the qualifying will be substantial as well. Are you expecting a fight for Q3 again?
— I hope so. That would be a great sign for our team. So we have to give our best to get into the Q3.
— Does the team plan to introduce any updates to the car in the upcoming races?
— As far as I know, we will have some bits and pieces in Malaysia, but nothing big is planned. Anyway, it should help us improve the overall performance of the car and make it more stable. I'm looking forward to that.