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Victorious debut in Singapore

Photo: BMW Group press-site
Win in the debut race on Marina Bay street circuit in Singapore. Formula BMW Asian Cup 2010
In 2010 season Daniil Kvyat was racing in the Formula BMW European championship, and he also participated in several rounds of the Asian Cup: in Malaysia in the season start and Singapore in the autumn.

The European campaign was finished, so Daniil had his final races in the Formula BMW series in Singapore, with the Eurointernational team. He won the first race of the two. Russian driver started from the pole-position, and during the whole distance of the race, he fought with the local driver Richard Bradley, who eventually won the title in the series as Kvyat and his teammate Sainz only participated in several races of the Asian Cup and were ineligible for points in the drivers' championship.

Kvyat finished in the first position, overtaking Bradley during the race but was penalized for a contact with his competitor. Antonio Ferrari, the Eurointernational team boss, appealed on the penalty and in the end, Daniil was named a race winner.
Many sources still have the outdated information that Daniil was second in that race, but in fact, he won that one. They had a contact with Bradley and stewards penalised Daniil by adding three seconds to his time of the finish line – just enough to handle the victory to his opponent. I remember that Daniil won with a 2.1 seconds' advantage, but due to the penalty, he moved down to second.

I was furious. I remember going to the race director together with Daniil, and at some point, Dany even took me out for a moment and said: "Antonio, you are so angry that I'm afraid you're going to kill him." I was disappointed because Daniil was unfairly penalised. But at the end of the day, I appealed, and in a month or so, Daniil was named a winner.

Antonio Ferrari