Daniil unveiled personal brand and official website

The identity was designed by the Moscow-based agency ONY, while the website was developed by PR team of the driver. The objective of the project is to make the image of Daniil Kvyat more recognizable and memorable in Russia and the rest of the world.
The centerpiece of the new identity is a logo, which consists of the driver's surname in Latin alphabet in striking inverse italics. This minimalist solution helps convey the dynamics and the hunger for victory that are inherent to an F1 driver.

Maxim Orlov, the founder of the ONY agency, commented on the project:
"Daniil Kvyat has a rich personality. He's not keen on going too public, but at the same time, he's a very open person with a profound inner world and a strong backbone. Being an F1 driver means far more than just a job for Dany. It was his ultimate life goal, which he pursued during his junior career and now having reached it, he's open to new challenges. This outstanding determination and other traits of Daniil's character make him special in many ways. And this is why it was so important for us not only to create a modern solution but one which helps reveal his personality and the dynamics of motorsport, avoiding the industry cliché."
Nikita Kiselev, Kvyat's head of comms:
"There's a stage at a certain moment in the career of any professional athlete, when in addition to the performance and results, to make it to the next level, you need to actively develop your personal brand. Daniil is only 23 years old, but he has been racing in Formula 1 for four years already, having delivered some strong results. So, the demand for a bright, recognizable and understandable image in the eyes of multiple target audiences and a more active engagement with fans and media has already been there for quite a while. In the recent months, we've started to be more active in social media, engaging more with the fans; we launched the website a couple of weeks ago in test mode, and we are now welcoming all the fans, who are looking for up-to-date information and exclusive content relating to the driver there. So, the presentation of Daniil's brand is just another logical stage in our strategy. We want as many fans of racing, journalists, and potential partners to get to know Daniil better and to start showing more support for the Russian driver."

Commenting on the presentation, Daniil said:
"I think the logo turned out to be quite interesting. It's simple though it carries some strong meanings and it stands out from what we usually see in F1. I'm also delighted that we've launched a website, which will become a trustworthy source of information about me and Formula 1. We'll do our best to make it a go-to destination for the fans!"

About ONY agency
Founded in 2000, ONY is a leading Russian design agency, working with major local and global brands. ONY provides design, branding, and communications solutions to help create demand for clients' brands and products. Among the agency' clients are Samsung, Tele2, Raiffeisen Bank, Unilever, Sberbank, Tretyakov Gallery, MegaFon, Rambler, group.

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